THE THREE KINGS INN is a quintessential coaching inn located in the village of Threekingham, just off the A52 Boston to Grantham road, approximately 7 miles south of Sleaford

Threekingham has a varied history. Roman remains have been discovered in the historic village of Laundon, the name later changed to Threekingham to commemorate the death of three Danish kings or chiefs, killed in battle with the Saxons in 870.

The next reference to the village is in the Domesday Book 1086, and then again during the reign of Henry II (1154-89).  King John (1199-1216) is alleged to have stayed at the inn while travelling to Newark.  Henry VIII also paid a visit on 8th August 1541 while en route to York.

Over the centuries numerous inn, taverns and alehouses opened .....and closed in the village, and along the straggling Grantham to Boston road one of the last chronicled was the White Horse Inn, demolished in 1750.  The only one to survive was the Three Kings Inn.

 Highwayman Richard Turpin married into the Berry family, his father-in-law Thomas Berry held the license for The Three Kings then known as The Barley Mow.  The sign was later changed to The Harvest Home, probably after Dick was hanged in York on 7th April 1739 for murder and horse stealing.

In 1898 William Cragg leased the Three Kings to brewers Soulby Son & Winch Ltd of Alford for 19 years.  The inn was leased again in 1946 to the Peoples Refreshment House Association. The Business was sold to Charrington & Company in July 1963 who merged with Bass Mitchell & Butlers in 1967.

Standing on the site of the ancient inn, the Three Kings has been extended over the years into the adjoining cottages, with the coach way entrance incorporated into the main building in 1968.  Once again a Free house and a social centre of the community.